Monday, 18 April 2016

Alnwick garden

We headed up to Alnwick yesterday.  Having had in my brain, for ages, a niggling urge to go back to the garden again, I saw the cherry trees featured on Gardener's World on Friday and that was my mind made up.

Weather forecasts were checked and found to be favourable, chilly but dry. So with coats, n hats, n gloves, n boots packed we set off to crawl through the never ending 30 mile restriction around the metro centre!

Things were not looking good as we made progress north, under darkening skies. Things got worse as we approached Alnwick, as hail and sleet lashed the car and the fields around. So much for weather forecasts!

We sought sanctuary in Barter Books, and had lunch in front of the fire, hopeful that the weather would do as predicted and calm down.

Guess what? It did. It actually got out beautifully.

We purchased a friends family annual pass, un-named, which means if hubbie doesn't want to come on a future visit I can take any other adult! And a host of kids. Great idea I thought.

There was a Fariy Tale Trail happening, which led you on a quest to rescue princess beauty, all around the garden solving clues. This kept other half and the kids well and truely engaged.

Fantastic! I could saunter along after them and have a good look at green shoots, bare branches and plant labels! Can't wait to keep visiting and see everything grow and develop over the year!

Alnwick has fantastic water features all over the gardens. In the summer the kids will love to come and get soaked!

The cherries  in the orchard are not yet in flower, a week or two more I think. Which is interesting as next weekend 23/24 April they are advertising a cherry blossom festival/ celebration. What if the blossom isn't ready next weekend? Interesting.

They had masses of David Austin roses for sale too! I was sorely tempted, as in my head I want to fill my back garden with climbing roses and clematis and sweet-peas. A little/lot of ground work to do before that's a possibility!

I started last weekend tho, by lifting a weed suppressant membrane and 3 inches of gravel to be able to dig out some pretty wild roses. Sadly the thorns on them mean they are also pretty lethal with three kids around.

Little by little will be my garden transformation I think! Two holly trees are set to meet with a saw soon.

A new addition to the garden since my previous visit was the poison garden!

This was an absolute hit with my eldest! It was funny though, so many 'poisonous plants'  were locked away, you needed a guided tour! Many were very familiar, like Lilly of the valley and ivy and things that I certainly knew as hazardous, but the kids were horrified!

Simple rules I guess... Don't munch stuff in the garden unless you know what is!